Praise the Lord, it’s already 18 more months and I know it is not my own strength; but it’s the Lord’s protection and guidance. Jesus really loves me and had opened the way for me, Amen.

I remembered in 2008 August when I was about to release from the prison, I was pondering whether to go to a half way house to continue learning and build my foundation before facing the world. But there were a lot of voices that asked me why should I go into a half way house after a 5-year imprisonment? Is it because I don’t have a house to go back to? I said to the voices, “NO, it’s not that, it was because I am really determined to change and I am tired of this kind of lifestyle that goes in and out of prison; I had enough of this prison’s life!”

Then another voice would tell me, if you really want to be good, you can also find a stable job, work hard, go home, you can still be a better person! To be honest, I was almost shaken and listened to the voices that asked me not to go into half way house. I thank the Lord that I met Bro Seng in one of the church service in the prison, he shared with me and encouraged me, and I finally made up my mind to go into half way house.

In 7 Aug 2008, I went to Watchman’s Home straight after my release. I went through the program and learnt a lot in the center, God indeed has blessed me. I have even passed my driving license and gotten a job as a delivery man after I graduated from Watchman’s Home. Praise the Lord, hallelujah!

I truly felt that the Lord loves me; He has provided all my needs, He gave me joy and peace. He gave me hope, dear brothers and sisters; as long as you are willing to put down yourself and trust Him, He will surely provide a way for you. In Matt 6:33, But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Hallelujah, all glory belongs to our God!


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