Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Thank God for giving me a new life that I can testify for Him. I spent my childhood days in Changi village, and quit school when I was 15 or 16 years old. In order to protect myself during those days, I joined the secret society. I then went into drugs because of curiosity and “trend” in those days.

Pang Meng Chiang

From then onwards, I lived a life of misery and darkness, prison has become my second home. I was in and out prison many times, wasted 10 over years in the prison. My families and friends deserted me, to them; I was a hopeless person without any cure! My path had also become narrower and narrower and had come to a dead end.

In 1994, I was in drugs again, and I met a Christian friend. He encouraged me to go to a Christian half way house, a rehabilitation center, to change my life. His love and care touched me and I decided to go to the half way house. I was very surprised that the leader of the half way house who came to me was the man whom I have taken drugs together before. He shook my hand and said that Jesus loves me and the only way to a changed life was to believe and trust in Jesus!

I came to know the Lord in the half way house, I began to know more of Him as I read the bible. I know that God loves me and I was very happy to face the world after I graduated from the center. But things were not as easy as I thought, as my foundation in the Lord was not firmed, when temptations, life’s difficulties and problems came, I fell to my old ways again.

I thank God for Christian who had never gave up on me, in 2002; I came to Watchman’s Home. Thank God for Bro Seng and his wife who had always encouraged and taught me, they helped me to stand on my feet again. I served the Lord in Watchman’s Home for 3 years, and also into the prison ministry for 3 years. The Lord told me, “when you have turned back, strengthened your brothers.”The Lord has blessed me, I am married and have a family, truly, and all glory belongs to our God.


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